Amaryllis 6"

Amaryllis 6"

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Amaryllis is the most show-stopping winter bloomer for the home. 


• Plant bulb in a 6" pot with drainage so the roots are pointed downwards and the top third of the bulb is exposed above the soil line. Use a well-draining soil to prevent rot.
• Water thoroughly so water drains from the bottom on the pot. Water whenever top half of soil is dry to the touch.
• Keep pot in a warm spot in bright, indirect light, but direct airflow from a heating vent might cause the petals to crisp.
• For the long-term health of the plant, use a gentle fertilizer every few weeks after you see new growth appear.


• When the flowers fade, cut off the flower stem but keep the leaves.
• Continue to grow plant in bright light and water the same way--when the top 2" of soil is dry to the touch or when half of the water reserve is used. Direct sun is okay when the plant is not blooming. Regular fertilizer is recommended.
• Stop watering and fertilizing in August or September. Let the plant dry out completely, then move the plant into a cool, dark spot. The leaves will yellow and die back, and the plant should remain dormant and leafless for 6-8 weeks. After that time, repeat the Bloom Coaxing process above.


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