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Life form Herbaceous
Family Gesneriaceae
Origin Africa
Ease of cultivation Fairly easy.
The size Usually from 2 to 20 cm in height, up to 40 cm in diameter.
Growth rate High
Lifespan 3-4 years
Temperature In the summer: 68-77 ° F, in the winter not below 59 ° F. With a strong heat, the plant ceases to grow and bloom.
Humidity High
Lighting Scattered light. Suitable for oriental, western window and cultivation in artificial lighting conditions.
The soil Suitable lightweight breathable primer. For the soil of your own preparation, you can take 1 part of leaf land, 1 part of coarse-grained sand or perlite, 1 part of wet peat and a little charcoal. It is mandatory to use drainage.
Watering Watered depending on the temperature of the air 1 time in 2-4 days. Avoid overflow. Use soft, durable warm water.
Fertilizer From spring to autumn, every two weeks, a diluted liquid fertilizer.
Reproduction They are most often propagated by leaf cuttings, which easily take root in water or in soil. Young plants are separated when they reach a value of 3-5 cm.
Bloom Blossom all year round with flowers of various shapes and colors.
Transfer Young plants grow several times. Adults are transplanted once a year, combining transplantation with plant renewal.
Features of care Protect from drafts.
Difficulties Mealybugs and cyclamen mites. It is possible to decay the roots of the plant during stagnation of moisture or stagnation of water in the center of the rosette. When water gets on the leaves, stains will form.
Air cleaning
Toxicity Non-toxic

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